Alexis and Brian

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Our Story

Her version:
I was in the throws of my first semester of PA school doing most of my eating and sleeping at the Harrell Medical Building when my roommate Brittany started employing a handyman house elf to help with things around our Gainesville home. He was good friend of hers named Brian Getchell who was living with her old coworker. I would come home to various new objects around the house like newly hung wall art, a handmade wooden key holder, rat traps set in the Laundry room ( good ole Gainesville), heavy furniture moved, you name it. I began to suspect this house elf had a crush on my roommate and it was fueling all this (solicited) kindness. Days went on and Brittany began to let me in on the fact that I was a main motivating factor in his frequent visits to our house on 8th street. While incredibly flattered, I spent so much time at the medical building that I never really saw him....until a certain Elliott Royal’s birthday at our favorite country bar downtown. She invited me and I happily obliged, excited to blow off some steam on the 8 seconds dance floor. Brian was there and I remember distinctly trying to flirt with him. Cute, but very quiet, he gave me little to no feedback. Either I was way off my game or Brittany was wrong about his crush. Oh well. Didn’t have much time for dating anyway. Two days later I was studying at CYM coffee shop and noticed our shy handyman on the other side of the window. I tapped on it to wave hello and then went about my studying. An hour or so later Brian put his hands down on my study table and, almost exasperated, asked me to go to coffee with him.... “Like right now, or later?” I teased. That next week we found ourselves back at CYM talking for several hours exchanging stories. He was from a small town in Florida, a fiercely loyal friend, a passionate high school football coach, and huge fan of his family. We talked for hours until we got hungry and proceeded to drive over to Leonardo’s for Gainesville’s best (RIP). I remember thinking how it felt like I known him for years, not hours. From that point forward he patiently and selflessly pursued me through sleep deprived PA school funks, heartache, and health battles. I learned during our Friday night lights that he could be as spicy on the football field as he was sweet in every other sphere. He came to the church campuses where I was leading worship, brought chipotle, study snacks and warm socks to the medical building, and Took me on long walks around UF when my brain got fuzzy. I got to know his parents while cheering on the Colts every Friday night, met his hilarious friends and sweet bulldog Hutch. Over time, I realized he had become my best friend and the love of my life...and the rest was history.

His version:

Alexis and I met through a mutual friend in undergrad while in Gainesville. We became friends on social media and I occasionally would see her around campus and would make it a priority to say hello. After college, I moved away to pursue some coaching opportunities and during this time I decided to start pursuing a relationship with the Lord. After about two years away, I had the opportunity to take a coaching position that would allow me to move back to Gainesville. This time around, I was adamant that I would be joining a church and would continue to walk with the Lord. As I returned, I knew that a friend from college, named Brittany Wiggs (now Carney, shout out Patrick!!), was attending Greenhouse church in Gainesville. I also found out that she was living with this beautifulllllllll girl named Alexis Almonte. I didn’t know too much about Alexis at this point, but one thing I did know was that she was WAY to good for me. Over the years, I had witnessed her talk about her relationship with the Lord and watched her further His Kingdom tirelessly. Honestly, I had always wished I would find a girl like her. Matter of fact, I remember sitting in a Chick-fil-a (duh) one time with my mom showing Alexis’ profile to her, explaining how amazing this girl was. So anyways, I moved back to Gainesville and once I found out that Alexis was still in town, I knew I needed to try and get in front of her. If that meant hanging pictures, moving filing cabinets and couches and of course, setting rat traps—I was going to do it. I eventually explained to Brit that I had a huge crush on Alexis. My best friends’ birthday was approaching, and she said she would bring her along! So, the night comes, and Alexis comes in, stunning as usual, anddddddd I maybe say one full sentence to her the entire night (Smooth, I know). Elliott tells me all he wanted for his birthday was for me to get her number and man, I failed him. By the grace of God, two days later I was working at a window seat in a coffee shop and Alexis just so happened to be there, and not to mention, tapped on the window. I then blacked out and woke up when she had agreed to get coffee the next week. The following week we met for coffee and from that point on I knew I was in troubleeeeee. She adored her family, loved Jesus, and was as sweet as they come. Oh, and she could sing, and not like sing in the car, like SING SING. From there, I started running after a girl I knew I was never going to stop chasing.
Leah Bisch